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Types of housing

Apartment for rent

Apartment to share

Apartment or room to sub-let

Room for rent


Apartment or room to sub-let

You are able to live in a dwelling temporarily (on our forms, next to the "can renew" remark, no is indicated) or to take possession of a dwelling with a current lease that may be renewed (next to the "can renew" remark, yes is indicated). There are always good offers! Ideal for a short period of time.

NOTE In Quebec, you cannot break a lease with a three-month notice. However, you may do so if it is a sub-let, with your owner's approval.

What is a Lease assignment

To take advantage of a dwelling vacant on a definite date, we recommend you to establish a lease by signing an assignment lease contract, with your landlord's approval (next to the "can renew" remark, yes is indicated).

Hypertext links, such as the Régie du logement link, are available in the Useful links section of our website. There you will find sub-let regulations.

In the case of a room to sub-let

You will always be sharing a dwelling with someone (student or other). Sub-letting a room implies a start date and an end date.


Unfurnished No appliances or funiture.
Laundry a laundry room in the building, equipped with payable washing machines and driers.